Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 4: Oh Cairo

It is so strange being in a place where no matter what you do, you will never fit in.  We do not look anything like the locals and in no way really know what we are doing.  Always a tourist.  We went to the Egyptian Museum yesterday, woah, nothing like the museums in NY!  It was a little shocking, first of all the state of the museum.  There was spackle all over the walls walking up the staircase and some of the artifacts were just pushed into corners.  It seemed like they had more sculptures than they knew what to do with.  But some of the things were pretty cool. Thank you Art History from freshman year.  I saw a bunch of stuff that looked super familiar, and we would walk into another room and see like five more.  So many of the same things, all originals!
We are attempting to go to Luxor tonight.  It has been hell trying to get a ticket-train or otherwise- out of Cairo.  Probably ending up taking the tour through the Hostel.  Maybe we will be somewhere else tonight...
Pictures from Cairo and a little bit of Aswan

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