Friday, January 21, 2011

It's almost over!


Last stop before Munich, was Strasbourg, which was really nice actually.  I have found, I pretty much like/enjoy everywhere I have been.  Each small town or city has it's own flavor mixed in with the country's vibe.  I arrived in Strasbourg Monday afternoon and chilled for a bit before meeting up w/my couch host.  She was in class and gave me her roommate's number in case I got lost.  Which is exactly what happened, when a street does not continue straight it's a given for some to not be able to follow it.  Called up the roommate to come find me, and Phil, who happened to be half and half French/American came to my rescue.  My stay in Strasbourg was a very relaxed one, which was great.  I hung out w/Phil until Marine got home from class and we went for some beers and some local cuisine.  It was delicious, tarte flambee.  Like pizza, but with a cream sauce and onions and bacon on top.  Yum. 
Came home and decided there was no need for dinner, the tarte flambee filled us up, we decided to make dessert!  The second time I've been able to bake on my journey! We made some delicious rectangle cupcakes, chocolate with a creamcheese layer. And we sort of couldn't wait for them to finish baking and took them out early, so the center was still gooey and oh, so good! 
Tasty chocolate, creamcheese cupcake/loaves!

My host, Marine!

The next morning Marine and I went for coffee and got a gallette. Or the French version of King's Cake.  Where there is some sort of small prize in the tarte and whoever gets it, becomes king or queen for the day!  We were not nearly hungry enough to devour the whole thing, so no one was crowned queen, sadly. 
the whole Gallette des Roi

The flaky inside w/almond filling

The overhangs on the buildings were so that you could walk down the street w/out people dumping their garbage on you!

Yet another cathedrale

We wandered around the cute city of Strasbourg until Marine had to go to class, and I had to catch my train to Karlsruhe.  From there I grabbed my shared ride to Munich!  On the way home! 
The drive was long, but made manageable by the company in the car, David, our driver was pretty cool and we had lots of good conversation.
Munich, my home in Germany!  home sweet home :)

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