Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last day in Amsterdam

Once again, I'm moving around and switching cities like crazy.  But I'm falling into the groove of it, and it's becoming quite comfortable!   I'm relaxing more, understanding that I just am there to experience a new place, and enjoying it is all that is required.
The only wood house in Amsterdam
The most quaint little area in A-dam, a bunch of nuns used to live here, but the last one died in the 1970s

Rainy, rainy Amsterdam

So, quite a few days ago, I was in Amsterdam, Alex and his friends had left and I was there to explore the city...still an amazing place. Took the free tour, which was interesting, learned some stuff that was new, like all the hooks that hang from the tops of every house=they are for raising furniture up, to bring it through the window.  And the buildings, many are leaning forward to prevent these large items that are being pulled up from crashing into a window.  And the Red Light District, surrounds a church, where, way back when, the sailors came in from the sea and had their fun w/the ladies and then confessed all their sins at the church.  There wasn't much time, so the location was important!  During the tour, I met this Austrailian girl, really nice, but talked a bit too much, half way thru the tour I was about to leave bc of her annoyance...and I'm a pretty patient person, but she just decided to randomly throughout the tour give me little insights into her life. About everything.  After the tour, the guide suggested a Dutch restaurant, me, this Australian girl and two other Aussies decided to warm up, bc it had rained throughout the entire tour and it was cold. Time  to warm up w/some tasty Dutch pea soup!  The other two Aussies were really cool, wish I could have spent more time w/them!
On to Brugges! (or so I thought)

Waiting at another train station... To Ghent!

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