Thursday, January 27, 2011

Steamboat Springs, HOME

Familiar roads full of snow!

Being back in the town I grew up in is excellent. I have done absolutely nothing since I got back here. Which has been incredible, as you can imagine.  Spending some quality time w/the folks and recuperating from my kidney infection, which I thought was going to kill me on the flight over from London to Denver. Not so fun. But got to go skiing yesterday which was AWESOME.  Except, now I don't feel so great, maybe should have given it a couple more days!
The colors in the Rockies! (and the ski mnt.)

I miss traveling. The excitement. Waking up somewhere new every couple days. Getting lost.  All that stuff is in the past, sadly.  Only thing I can think about now is finding a job, but one that will give me the flexibility to travel again sometime in the near future.
Taking the time off and exploring Europe, and spending A LOT of time w/myself, def made me evaluate what I want to be doing.  I need to find work in the fashion world that has a purpose, not just to look good.  I think I might go into outerwear, you know, like Burton, or something.  A company that creates functional clothing.  It has a need and a reason for everything, not just a whim of the designer's inspiration.
Now, I'm going to spend the rest of the day lounging, maybe take the dog for a walk, maybe dust the house if I get bored enough.
GOOD NEWS!:  Mara and Michelle are both getting their asses into town today!  Woohoo!
Cannot wait to see you both~!

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