Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amsterdam-even cooler than I remembered

After having an awesome time in Brussels, we took a bus to Amsterdam.
We arrived Saturday night, found our hotel, which was pretty sweet.  And got the chance to explore the city.  First stop: dinner.
We came across a little chinese food place, went in, were sat at the same table with another guy because the place was so small.  He ended up being pretty cool, lived in Amsterdam and knew of some cool bars to go to.  We all hung out, went to a cute little cafe and then to a whiskey bar, where they had about 1200 types of whiskey!

Myself, Tony, and Gregor

After a couple drinks, we needed to take advantage of the city... checked out a coffee shop.  It is really strange being in a city where marijuana is legal.  Just walking into any coffee shop is a little surreal.  Immediately as you step through the doors, a cloud of smoke surrounds you with the sweet, tantalizing smell of pot.  Glass jars labeled with all sorts of different strains, filled with huge green nugs are sitting on the counter, just right there for you to see.  And nearly every place has space cakes too.
On Sunday we had to check out some historical stuff, Anne Frank's house and then to the Heineken Brewery!

Sampling some Heineken

It was pretty hilarious, we had a good time, and learned all about how Heineken is made, even the thought that was put into the logo, with the smiling e's.

The train trip was nice, relaxing.  And then when we were near Munich, the police were coming through all the cars, checking for illegal stuff.  And, of course, if your ticket says you're coming from Amsterdam they are going to thoroughly inspect you.  They had us take down our luggage and went through EVERYTHING, just trying to find something.
Everything was fine, and they moved along.

on to Munich!

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