Saturday, December 4, 2010


Keeping warm w/the help of some frites

Just arrived yesterday.  After my 13 hour ferry ride, which was kinda  miserable...the most rocky ferry ride I have taken!! These boats are huge and it was being rocked like crazy! Just like a toy boat in a bathtub!  Spent the day in Athens, shopped a bit, sent out my final Greek postcards and then took off for the airport.

Flew in to Bruxelles, met up w/my friend Gregor and his friend, Robert, and had frites.  AMAZInG.  so, delicious, and fried and covered in sauce!!!  mmmmmmmm!

It was very strange coming from someplace nice and relatively warm to a place that is totally freezing in one day.  When I met up w/Gregor, they had a coat ready, which was good because i did not have one yet!  And it was cold!  Way colder than NY or CO, and it was snowing, perfect introduction to Belgium.
That night we went out to some bars, they have sooo many beers, it's excellent.  At one of the bars we asked the bartender to give us a selection of 4 different beers.  We shared them all and got to try a variety of really good beer.

the Reinaert was the best.

Woke up at 1pm the next day and did our sightseeing.  All the good stuff in Bruxelles, the Atomium in Heysel Park,  Manneken Pis, The Grand Place, which was really cool because of the projected light show on it.
From below

Gorgeous river view

Manneken Pis and the most amazing Belgian waffle

it was chilly

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