Saturday, December 18, 2010

Leipzig ---> BERLIN

Leipzig-cool building

Court house

Other friend-Gregor
Spent my last day in Leipzig and found this little city to be really cool, met up w/a guy I met in NY and got an entirely different view of the city. One that included the court house and some other major architecture.

Then was supposed to catch a shared ride to Berlin, but they never showed, so, luckily was able to catch a cheap train that only took an hour instead of three!
Berlin was snowing like crazy!  Got into the central station and then took a bus to the place we were to couchsurf.  We were staying w/a guy from Tennessee, Connor, and his German girlfriend, Julia.  They were awesome, very welcoming, had a cute little apartment and I got to talk with another American!
That first night, we went out for Curry Wurst-very interesting Berlin invention-just a sausage with curry flavored ketchup and curry powder all over it. ... mmm ?  It wasn't so bad, a little strange tho, one was enough for me!
Took it easy that night and then the next day we got up at the crack of noon to sightsee!  Saw some of the big stuff...The Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building (home of the German Parliment), another  Christmas Market, and lots of the city!
I was so excited to check out Berlin, I had heard soo much about the culture and city and could not wait to experience it myself!
First day in Berlin!!!

The Brandenburg Gate- of course w/a Chrismas tree
Germany is all about Christmas!! Way more than the U.S., there are decorations everywhere!!

The Brandenburg Gate

Christmas Market!

The Holocaust Memorial
Oh, we HAD to check out the Ritter Sport Chocolate store, you got to create your own chocolate bar!!

Julia, Connor, and Gregor-after our meal of homemade lasagna!

A shrine to the Hasslehoff, "The Hoff"

Pretty awesome band in club Magnet

We spent the first night going out w/some British friend's of Connor's.
Berlin is sweet!  We went out to some bars and clubs our second night, kinda reminded me of Brooklyn in the hipster style but with foreign vibes.

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