Sunday, December 12, 2010


So, we took a shared ride from Munich to Heidelberg last Thursday.  (Awesome: instead of taking the trains bc they are so expensive, there is a website organizing shared rides, cheaper=makes sense)
The cozy appartment
Got to Heidelberg and met up w/Gregor's friend, Peter, that we would be staying with.  We went over to one of their friend's places because they were having people over for Gluehwein.  Met soo many people! I loved it!  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming!  We all had a great time, and then went out to a club after.
Lots of very cool people

Awesome new friend Nadja!

Good times

I'm definitely bringing Gluehwein to The States.  

It's funny, everyone I'm meeting is a friend of Gregor's, and they are all studying in the science fields, which is entirely opposite of what all the people I know in NY!  It's great to meet people from different places doing different things!

The next day we explored Heidelberg, got to see the Philosopher's Path and the Heidelberg Castle!
-Sorry no pics, technical difficulties-

That night we went to another club/bar and heard Russian and Romanian music, pretty cool stuff!

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