Thursday, December 2, 2010

Leaving Rhodes :(

I have had a blast on this little Greek island.  I will be coming back.  In the summer, hopefully.  I have met tons of awesome people, learned to decipher my different genres of music (house from dirty house), learned how to get by in Greek i.e. Ι don' το τ μιλά τα ελληνικά   (I don't speak Greek).  It's been an amazing week.  Now, time to catch a ferry to Athens and hop on a plane to Brussels ...all in the next 24 hours.

It was pretty sweet, the last night I was here, one of Stef's friend's had a party.. lots of fun.  These kids are great, oh, and when i do return, they've promised to teach me to windsurf.  bonus. 

And I even saw some history yesterday... The Palace of the Grand Masters.  They had some sweet tile floors and snazzy light fixtures.  That was about it.

The Nine Muses

Hey Mom!
I finally got some new shoes.  I was starting to feel every single cobble stone through my old ones....

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