Monday, November 29, 2010

the Greek life

More Rodos, Greece!

It’s funny how anytime I’ve told Greeks I’m from NYC, they are like, “Ooooh!  Sex and the City!”  It’s happened twice now...  They are big fans over here.
I am having an awesome time here in Rhodes.  After meeting Stefan at the post office, I’ve been hanging out w/him and a bunch of his friends.  It’s giving me something to do besides check out the city! 
New Greek friend, Stefan!
Saturday we all met up at a coffee shop, they all go out for coffee A LOT.  It’s just a way to hang out and chat, and I don’t feel like we do that as much in The States.  After coffee some of us went and played some basketball, pretty much the first time I’ve played since being on the team in middle school!  It was great, got pizza afterwards, at where else, but Pizza Hut, typical, I’m in some awesome foreign country and I go eat at an American chain restaurant.  We hung out at a friend of Stephan’s, Frank's place and more people came over and we all went out.  They tend to go out pretty late, kinda like nyc. So, we went to the bars around 12ish and home by 5am. 
Sunday we all got together again and went on an excursion.  I sort of didn’t know what was going on, but that’s kinda typical when you don’t speak the language.   I wish I had some sort of earpiece that translated for me!  I’m picking up little bits and pieces and I know how to say ‘I don’t speak Greek’, ‘Thank you’ ‘Hello’ ‘Come on’ …and that’s about it!  A lot of the people will speak English for my sake, which is nice. 
The loukoumades festival!

Lots of souvlaki on the grill..

So, this ‘excursion’ ended up being a local festival in one of the villages, which was awesome!  It was a celebration for a doughnut like desert with honey and sesame all over it=Loukoumades.  TASTY. There was music and dancing and a bunch of ppl.  Apparently they have these festivals all the time, different villages, different celebrations..ones for watermelon, and meat, and all kinds of stuff!  We hung out, ate free loukoumades and souvlaki and then went to a place for a late lunch/dinner.  We ate a lot that day!
Making the loukoumades
  Where we went to eat was a traditional taverna in the woods.  There was soooo much food, it was ridiculous, so many different things, to try!  We had salads to start, then fried cheese balls and fried eggplant rolls with ham and cheese in them, and fried feta w/honey and sesame drizzled over it, fries (of course), (lots of fried stuff, and it tasted so good!!-not very good for you though…) grilled mushrooms and then the MEAT.  I think it was veal, but we had two giant plates full of all kinds of pieces of meat, some of it I was a little weary about what part of the animal it came from!
excellent Greek meal

The Taverna
It was great because you order communally, just a bunch of stuff and everyone helps serve everyone else.    After that we drove back to Rhodes Town and that was the end of an awesome day.  I’m getting to see the traditional and modern parts of Greek life, the daytime activities and nightlife.  The people I’ve met have been so nice and hospitable, it’s amazing how friendly and including they are to a stranger!

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