Monday, November 8, 2010


We drove from Aqaba, Jordan to the border of Israel, walked over through customs and grabbed a new cab in a new country.
Entering Israel!

Israel is sweet!  So much different than Egypt and Jordan.  We stayed one night in Eilat, right on the Red Sea and the next day took a bus to Tel Aviv, where we are now.  Israel is expensive!!!  And I thought NYC was bad?!  But at least most of it is worth your money.   The food is good, especially considering what we had been eating... it's quite a bit more than just meat and rice!

Today we went to Jerusalem, visited the Old City and checked out all that religious stuff... was cool.  Jerusalem is a lot bigger than I had expected, it's a full blown city!  I guess I just had the biblical image in my mind, which it not what it is today.  Huge holy site, saw the Dome of the Rock, The Wailing Wall, some of the old city gates... and that was enough.   Back in Tel Aviv and trying to find out where I will be staying once my parents head back... hopefully some couchsurfers will pull through! 
A peek at Dome of the Rock

Btw, the food is really good here, we ate at a little cafe last night, amazing.  We had a mac and cheese w/mushrooms and onions and this other incredible dish of goat cheese rolled up in eggplant slices with a pesto drizzle and delicious basil marinara.  mmmmm. 
Also, I'm not sure where it originated, but the bagel is all over the place! -Whether it was the Jewish in Israel or Brooklyn...and they have bakeries galore!! I want to try every pastry by the end of the week.
The Wailing Wall/Western Wall in Jerusalem

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