Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Santorini to Rhodes

So, what I thought was going to be another lazy night in turned out to be something a bit interesting. 
I went to return my ATV last night around 7:30pm and the guy I rented it from/taught me how to drive, his 28 yr. old girlfriend and some of their friends had made dinner and were waiting for me to get back to enjoy it with them?  I thought it was a little bizarre, but the afternoon before when I had inquired about renting a four wheeler he had also asked me to join them for dinner, which I politely declined.  Well, there was pasta and a bunch of people ready to enjoy it, so, I thought I might as well.  Ended up spending the evening chatting w/these folks in their scooter garage before they gave me a lift to the port before my ferry that night around 11pm.  They were an interesting bunch, the owner of the rental shop was Greek, around 50, his girlfriend was 28, and Albanian, and they had some pleasant Greek friends who joined us.  The conversation pretty much consisted of the Albanian girl and I talking because the others' English was a bit broken. -Reason why I never really caught their names!
Caught my ferry, and began the 13 hour journey to Rhodes. 
Waiting to board I briefly met some Canadians who were making a 24 hour trip to Crete.  Yipes, only because the ferries only go there once a week.  Once boarded, I found the seemingly most comfortable spot to spend the night, and maybe get some sleep.  All was well, thanks to an eye mask which put me out entirely, only to be awoken every stop by the crew making sure it wasn’t my stop.  They are pretty good about making sure everyone gets off when they need to, which was slightly annoying! 
I  ran into the Canadians again (a father, Tom and two sons Blake, and Zack, and Zack’s girlfriend, Mary-Ann) and chatted w/them for a while and later ended up playing board games w/them to occupy the time, which came in really handy, due to delays our trip was extended another 2 hours!
They were heading to Crete to spend about a month there, and invited me to join them if I grew tired of Rhodes or anyplace else! 
Once we finally got into Rhodes, we said our goodbyes, exchanged information and I departed.  
Rhodes was eerie!  I walked to the old city from the port and immediately got an ominous feeling!  The sky was grey and cloudy, the ground looked as though it had rained hours before, and the whole of the Old Town is very medieval looking, which added to the creepiness.  As I walked through the maze of old buildings on cobble stones I found my hostel.  Went out for food and came back to pass out and get some real sleep! 
Something ancient

Wandering through creepy roads in Rhodes...

This was a town we stopped at, it looks fake!

It's almost like a miniature town!

Now off to see some history! 

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