Friday, November 26, 2010


A very large road in Rodos
A path I took finding my hotel
Colossus of Rhodes
I’ve spent the last two days here in Rhodes and it looks like I might be spending the next week!  Went to a travel agency to find out when the ferries go to Crete, Turkey and back to Athens.  To Crete: only once a week, and that’s Tues. L , Turkey: same.  No good.  Athens: everyday.  Alright, I might be heading to Athens to hang out for a bit before my flight Dec. 2nd  to Brussels!

Rodos is neat, there is the Old Town which is medieval, and the New Town which is just about like any modern town in The States.  I explored the first day and saw the Colossus of Rhodes, which is really non-existent, but they have commemorative statues w/deer on them!  There is so much history here about the wars that were fought, and which countries owned Rodos at which time. 

Old Town is pretty cool, when I first got here, I wandered through the tiny pathways attempting to use a map to find my hotel, which I did relatively easily bc there are maps all over for tourists so we don’t get lost!  There is a wall surrounding the entire Old City and a place where a moat used to be, pretty neat.
A garden outside the gates of the Old Town

There are some mosques here in Rhodes from when the Turks ran the island, and I went and saw some of those, …there are also Turkish Baths, which I did not do.  And there is the Grand Palace, which I will be checking out on Sunday- bc it’s free on Sundays!   
I find myself spending lots of time in cafés, there are so many of them!  It’s great, you can sit there in a very comfortable environment and people watch.  All of these cafés are in the New Town where most of the life is, the Old Town is dead during low season=now. 

Turkish Mosque
Cute courtyard

Oh, man after I left a café this afternoon, I walked along the beach which was gorgeous (It rained earlier today, which is the first rain I’ve run into on this entire trip! And it was MAJOR rain, like rivers  running down the streets, my shoes were soaked, but they needed to be cleaned, so it was OK)  and I came across a beach where there were tons of people!  SWIMMING in the OCEAN in NOVEMBER!!! Wow, awesome!  I’m totally going swimming tomorrow!!  It was pretty warm out, but talking to people apparently the ocean is super warm!  I think I’m going to have to discover this out on my own!

The Gate D'Amboise-One of the Entrances to the Old Town

Beautiful weather!

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