Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The End of Egypt

We headed back to Cairo, and actually had first class seats, NOT what we had going down to Aswan, which was super gross.  Slept the majority of the train ride back, until some creep-o pretended to be getting into his bag on the ground and put his fucking hand on my leg!!  I woke up and slapped his hand away!  I was totally shocked, there are nasty old men ALL over the world!  A little while later my mom asked how I had slept, I said, "Great, until this PERVERT put his hand on my leg!"  He totally looked over, very uncomfortably and I said, "Yeah, you disgusting pervert!"  He got up and left.  It pissed me off so much that some man would do something like that! 

Our final day in Egypt we just chilled at the hotel,-A very old/dusty British Colonial looking place-

took it easy then went for lunch..which was the most difficult thing to find. Restaurants are hidden in Cairo.  We came across a fast food burger place and decided, it was good enough.  The menu was a little confusing and we were starving.  My mom saw a pic of a burger and ordered that, my dad and I said we'll have the same.  Ten minutes later, three of the most massive burgers I've ever seen came out! They were delicious, but huge!

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