Friday, November 26, 2010

Finally a sunny day!

Well, Rodos is pretty cool, I'm really glad that if I have to be stuck somewhere, it's here! 
Yesterday I explored even more, every time I go out, I don't really have a destination, just wander around and see what I can find!  I saw LOTS of ruins.  Roman, Byzantine, Turkish... the works.  And wandered into a post office to buy some p-cards. 

Ended up chatting w/the guy working there, got some suggestions on where to eat/hang out, i.e. where the young people exist on this island.  And made a new friend.  Later that night, it was one of his friend's bday, so we all went out to this cute little bar, there was a live band, all very Greek, it was fun!  We had a good time and it was super handy bc it was all very close to my hotel! 
Apparently the only things that really go on during low season are in the Old Town, very strange going to bars in a place that looks fake, like medieval Disneyland.  Yeah, and there is a castle, too.

Today I was able to sleep in, switch hotels to somewhere cheaper, and see the beautiful weather!  It was amazing out, I was totally going to go swimming, but dipped my toes in, and decided that prob was not going to be as fun as I thought.  Aimlessly wandered and found a part of the Old Town I had not seen yet, some cool fountains.

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