Thursday, November 18, 2010

Island Hopping!

So, it's low season, the islands are DEAD.   Well, nearly.  There are no postcards, thats for sure, all the stores that sell them are closed!  I spent a couple days in Mykonos, way cute island, I rented a car to check out the island, it is so small, one hour to circle the entire thing!  The only tourists there were old people..Although I did meet some locals when I asked for suggestions of where to eat that was still open.  Ended up hanging out at their bar and got to try different kinds of Greek alcohol, Ouzo and Tsipouro. 
Mykonos, and the windmills on the hill

A semi-blurry pic of Mykonos Paradise beach
Later I was given a locals tour of the island on a scooter, perfect way to see the place!  Only thing was it was a bit chilly! 
Today I left Mykonos for Santorini.  But in order for me to get there during this time of year, I had to go to Siros, really cool little island, where I was able to kill 6 hours of between ferrys.
More of Siros, every street looked so cute!

I got off the boat w/ my pack and hoped some hotel or hostel would let me stash it for my time on the island.  Found a place and the people were super friendly, I was almost slightly suspicious, they were so incredibly helpful!  I left my bag, and as soon as I walked away, I thought to myself, I hope I did not just make the biggest mistake!  All these ideas kept running through my head, 'Maybe they won't be there when I come back to get my bag?!' or 'My ipod!'  Luckily, after I was able to explore the town without a twenty pound load, I returned to the hotel and they happily handed over my bag, all contents included!  Maybe I'm a bit too paranoid?  Or maybe that 's just good travel precaution...  Now I'm in Paros for the night, and then will continue this journey tomorrow and end up in Santorini by tomorrow afternoon!  Finally.   Kinda cool though, getting to see a couple more islands than I had intended. 

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