Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today was spent in Santorini!  Yesterday I was only able to see a tiny bit of the area before it got dark, but today I spent the majority of my time exploring Thira (Fira).  Wandered into the town and began following the maze-like pathways all of these islands have and then overheard some people speaking English.  It’s funny, when you’re traveling in a foreign country, you get so used to hearing strange languages you don't understand, but when  you hear something familiar your ears perk up.  I ended up meeting two Americans, they were w/a group studying abroad in France and came to Greece for the week.  They ended up having a friend who went to Pratt, haha, the coincidences.
The ride down the path!
The semi-creepy Donkey guy

The three of us took a donkey ride down and back up, sadly didn’t go all the way down to the old port, but part way.  It was slightly awkward and terrifying riding down, hoping that the donkey wouldn’t lose it’s footing!  Although you knew you were going to make it, the way the thing jerked and sort of bounced you was a little unnerving!  Coming back up was a nice breeze in comparison!  After the ride, I met the rest of their group and hung around for a little bit, then decided to take off on my own to explore more.  Fira  was another cute little Grecian town, each one has it’s own je ne sais quoi.  Santorinis are the cliffs, and the fact that it used to be a volcano that when it erupted created the shape it is today, the caldera and the small islands nearby.  Had some lunch at some little restaurant and then wandered around, I find that is what I do a lot of the time, there is no specific goal just meandering through an unfamiliar town.  It’s kinda nice and relaxing, knowing I have no where to be, nothing in particular to do, just experience the new place I’m in.  Also, considering the fact that it is off season and there are not many people around makes it very easy to do!  I walked up as far as I could and then headed toward the ocean and came across a little path that was the highest point in Thira.  From there, I pretty much had the most amazing view of the town and the happening sunset.  It was AMAZING.  Took plenty of photos for evidence as well. 

The End.

Checked out the Ferry schedule for heading to Rhodes, I've got til Tuesday at 11:00pm to explore the rest of the island!

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