Friday, November 5, 2010


    Took a 6am bus into Wadi Musa, the town really close to Petra-an ancient, really cool city.
The Treasury!!! Look familiar?!
The ancient people who carved these burial tombs were incredible.
The Sik: the cavern/path to the ancient city of Petra

      Petra has been turned into a MAJOR tourist spot now, but it's history is amazing.  It had it's hay day back when the caravans used to come through this way, through The Sik to the city center at the end.  The Bedouin people now sell things haphazardly at the end, like street vendors.  They are the tribe that still live in the area, they are beautiful people, dark skin and hair with blue or green eyes, pretty awesome.  We even saw one guy who looked very similar to Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean.  The way these people naturally look is intense, they have really dark lashes and it looks like they are wearing eye liner, but they aren't. 
Here's Johnny, as an Arab:

This really happened. Need to get rid of the date.

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