Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kettcar Music Fest

An Irish band...

Kettcar- the band we came to see

Us, extremely tired, after a VERY long weekend that began on Wed.

So, Gregor and I trekked from Heidelberg to Mainz for the Kettcar show/music festival.  It was awesome hearing all these bands I’d never heard of, a lot of them in the beginning sang in English, which was great!!  Then some more popular German bands came on, which were also good, even though I had no idea what they were saying, besides what bits and pieces Gregor would translate for me! 
Overall, it was great, and afterwards we went for Kababs, which are pretty much everywhere here in Germany. More than I’ve ever seen in my life.   Train to Frankfurt to spend the night w/Gregor’s friend. 

Skyscrapers of Frankfurt!

Frankfurt was cute, just like most German cities.  Although they claim to have the only sky scrapers in Germany, which compared to NYC,…weren’t quite what you would call sky scrapers!  But it was a nice city, we went out for breakfast with the people we stayed w/ and then I grabbed my shared ride to Leipzig!  And Gregor headed back to Munich. 

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