Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Praha, and attempting to get to Saarbrucken for x-mas!

I've enjoyed Prague, small city, cute, beautiful architecture.   I'm couchsurfing here, which has been great, with some cool kids, haven't done all that much because I'm exhausted!  Erg, now I have to get somewhere else!  This whole travel business is wearing.  I'm not sure how much more I can take... I need to slow it down and relax for a bit!

On the Charles Bridge
The Czech Republic is interesting, similar to Germany, but very different.  The money for one, confuses me so much!! 25 Koruna=1 Euro.  Jeesh.  You spend hundreds all the time, but it's still really cheap, which is great!  After a mini tour of the city, my couchsurfing host took me to a traditional bar to meet up w/a friend of his.  The place reminded me of all those old Greek tavernas filled w/old people smoking their pipes and drinking beer.  But here, everyone goes to these smokey bar/restaurants.  We had soup and traditional Czech pickled cheese.
The pub/bar/restaurant typical in CR

Czech Pickled Cheese

Yes, I know, sounds very strange.  But it's pretty good! Pickled Bree! yum.  Also, all of this and 2 beers for only about 6 bucks!
Tomorrow, I'm off at 2pm to Nuremberg, spend thee night, then to Munich, and then-hopefully-to Saarbrucken for Christmas!! I hope I make it in time!

along the river


  1. Traveling is exhausting! It's kind of like finding a new apartment every few days. Pickled brie? Weird. It was good though?

  2. It was delicious, perfect bar food!
    And yes, exactly like finding a new apt. every few days!!